Top 4 Call Tracking Features for Businesses in 2024

Many digital marketing agencies are aware that call tracking can help them get the best ROI. But its implementation often overwhelms several digital marketers. Running multiple paid campaigns is a good advertising ideology, but when it comes to phone calls, many companies overlook these features. Some reasons for companies to opt for call tracking software include:

  • Increasing lead generation
  • Getting insights on where inbound calls come from
  • Creating real-time reports

Digital marketers provide information such as call duration, lead type, and source. This data proves to be extremely useful in boosting any digital marketing strategy.

How to use the software?

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By using call tracking features, digital marketing agencies can generate better leads and a higher ROI. You probably know how call tracking software works, but if you don’t, here is a brief description. It is a tool for tracking phone leads to a business. By inserting a tracking number in paid ads, landing pages, and emails, it helps companies discover exactly where a call is coming from.

With Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) at the time of creation, every campaign gets an individual number. Simply install a JavaScript snippet to replace your existing number. When a potential lead calls, depending on the number, the separation of data becomes possible. This is just one approach used by agencies. Other approaches include:

  • Visitor and Keyword-Level Tracking
  • Campaign-level Call Tracking
  • Form Submissions
  • Multi-Channel Call Attribution
  • Different Call Tracking Features

Different software boasts a variety of key features, such as virtual phone numbers (for example, CallGear), DNI, real-time analytics, and many more. Some of the features include:

1. Conversation Intelligence

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This feature allows companies to quickly assess the lead quality and evaluate phone calls. It eliminates the need to manually review every call. The Conversation Intelligence feature comprises of several tools to make it easy for agencies to track calls. Consider, for example, Speech Analytics software. It provides instant transcriptions within a company’s online dashboards.

Advantages of Conversation intelligence

  1. Such technology qualifies phone leads and lets you focus on conversion
  2. It uses machine learning, call metadata, and recordings to reduce the guesswork and get actual leads
  3. Combining all of these features helps improve business practices as 90% of conversions happen over the phone
  4.  Adopting the speech analytics or conversation intelligence software provides businesses with optimum business value. Learn more here about conversation intelligence.

2. Call Reporting

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Call reporting lets you measure the performance of virtual call tracking numbers. It tracks details like call duration, the start and end time of a call, area code, and status. It allows users to review data and optimize campaigns based on the data received.


A customer enables call reporting to understand a sudden diversion of traffic. After reviewing, she concludes that the calls coming from the 717-area code are more likely to lead to sales. This lets her target ads specific to the corresponding region only.

It saves a lot of resources. In advanced times, the employee generating maximum conversions gets more inbound calls. Also, it gives businesses a thorough analysis of what works and what doesn’t.

3. Integrations

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Every company has different requirements and may find the need to integrate a solution with different tools. Some of the popular tools you can integrate with a call tracking software are:

  1. Google Ads
  3. Magento
  4. Bing ads

Using the integration feature, you can integrate the call tracking data into any existing systems. Integrate the solution with your favorite platform and get better insights. Many agencies include custom CRM integrations as well. You can find reliable software with native integrations for advertising systems such as Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, and Bing Ads here.

4. Callback Widget

Adding this feature to your website or any campaign allows prospective and returning clients to request a call back at a time of their convenience. This widget instantly connects the prospect to a sales executive. Follow-up calls lead to higher conversion rates. This technique scores more customers within the expected budget.

Advantages of a Callback Widget

  • Saves the client time, drives in more potential customers to the business
  • Converts visitors into leads, and helps close the deal


With call tracking, your agency can achieve tangible results. It can track your campaigns, optimize marketing strategies, and get you an impressive ROI, effectively boosting your business. You can also choose from thousands of local and toll-free numbers.

While managing online traffic seems feasible, managing offline traffic can get out of hand. Call tracking is a simple solution for offline ad tracking that significantly increases the chances of closing deals. With different features like call reporting, speech analytics, and integrations, you can make changes to your marketing campaigns for the better.