Best Mobile Phone Under 2500 Rupees in 2024

We live in a world of modern technologies and whether we would like to admit it or not, modern technologies have become the integral parts of our lives that we cannot live without. The most prominent of these are mobile phones. Modern societies and lives cannot be imagined without mobile phones. It is not important if you need it for work or just to browse the net, a mobile phone is simply a must in modern society.

Mobile phones in India

One of the largest markets for mobile phones in India. The reason for this is the fact that India has one of the largest population in the world, i.e. second largest, and that the usage and spreading of mobile phones there is immense. However, it should be noted that the standard of living in India is not as in the Western World and that people are looking for a bit cheaper mobile phones. So, what is the best mobile phone in India under 2500 Rupees?

Reach Cogent Plus

Many people have not probably heard of this mobile phone, but it is the best one that can be bought in India and is cheaper than 2500 Rupees. Its retail price in stores is about 2,290 Rupees. It should be noted that this phone can also be bought on Amazon and Flipkart. The phone uses the Android OS and it uses v5.1, i.e. Lollipop, version.  The display is of 4 inches and it is a TFT display with the resolution of 233 pixels. It should be also noted that the phone uses a quad-core processor that runs on 1.3GHz. The RAM used is also a solid one, and it is of 1GB. The phone has both the main and front camera, the main being of 3.2MP and the front being of 1.3MP. The storage capacity of the phone is 8GB but it can be expanded to 32GB. The battery used is a Li-ion one of 2000mAh. The overall weight of the phone is 100gr.