Features of 14-inch Gaming Laptops

These gaming laptops are well-suited for gaming and are considerably cheaper as compared to 17 or 18-inch laptops that gamers use. 14 inch gaming laptops offer a balance between the performance, screen size, and graphics that they need, and for more about them, you can check here. There’s no denying that these laptops are much more affordable than their larger counterparts. For this price range, you can get an Intel i3 processor and an Nvidia GTX 1050 with up to 4GB of DDR4 RAM as well as a 120Hz display. This laptop has the following feature;

1. Powerful specifications

This gaming laptop is powered by an Intel Core i3-7100U Kaby Lake processor with the help of 4GB DDR4 RAM. This is the best combination you can get even though it’s not the fastest processor around. There is a Graphics card that supports up to an Nvidia GTX 1050 with 4GB of Ram that allows this notebook to power on games at their highest settings without any lag or frame drops.

2. Affordable and user-friendly

The graphics card on this gaming laptop is an Nvidia GTX 1050 which allows you to play high-definition games at your native resolution and full HD resolution simultaneously. The difference between these two resolutions is the reduction of the clarity and details. This gaming laptop allows you to upgrade the graphics card once you are ready to play your games at a high resolution.

3. Simple and easy-to-use

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It’s lightweight with a weight of 2.3 kg., so it’s easily portable and easy to carry around while you’re on the move. The keyboard also features a numerical keyboard that allows you to type without having to look at your fingers while doing so, saving space on your lap while typing on this gaming laptop. It also features a Wi-Fi capability that helps you connect this laptop to the internet from anywhere.

4. Beautiful display

The display on this gaming laptop is full HD with 1920 x 1080 resolution that helps you view your images, videos, and games in an amazing visual experience. The viewing angle for this display is 178 degrees which makes it ideal for gaming and watching movies on the go. This display also has a matte finish which makes it visible even in sunlight which is very helpful when you’re working on your laptop outside in an area with bright lights like at the beach or mountains.

5. Battery life

The battery life on this gaming laptop is 4 hours and 30 minutes which is a little less than the usual 5 hours of battery life for gaming laptops in the same price range. You can check ImpartPad for more. On a full charge, the battery comes out to be 50 Wh or 15V 3.25A which powers this gaming laptop for around 4 hours and 30 minutes when idle, browsing websites, or streaming videos online. It’s an hour longer than what most of you need, but if you’re someone who can’t get away from their laptop while on the go, then that’ll work great for you. It would be nice to have one that lasts longer though like over 6 hours of battery life.

Finally, many of you might be reading this article and wondering why is the screen size so important… Well, for a couple of reasons…

The size of the screen dictates the size of the laptop itself, and thus the weight. You can’t, for example, get a four-pound 17-inch gaming laptop (though MSI’s excellent GS75 comes awfully close to five), so think long and hard about whether you’re willing to take the weight penalty in exchange for a screen. Because of this, going for a 14-inch is a good idea.

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If your laptop is going to be your only gaming device, a 14-inch screen might be ideal. Let’s also add that the screen of this size will be easier for weak eyes than the 15.5-inch one. However, this is largely a matter of personal preference.

Since we’re talking about screens, what’s the ideal resolution for gamers?

Today the buzzword is “4K”. That high resolution provides a sharper view of photos and more room for video editing, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. For many gamers, 1920×1080 (1080p) or 2560×1440 (1440p) is more optimal.

Although as a rule a desktop and not a laptop is used to play computer games, faster processors and stronger graphics cards have enabled serious players to switch to playing on laptops.

If you want to use the laptop to play graphically demanding games (by this we do not mean those games that are available on Facebook or the Internet, but those that come on DVDs or are downloaded via special gaming servers), please note that the laptop has at least an i7 processor or better and a graphics card with the best processor and as much memory as possible. Don’t be surprised if you come across laptops with two graphics cards, because some games can be very graphically demanding.

In addition to a high-quality processor with as many cores as possible and a graphics card, the laptop should also have a high-quality high-resolution screen and high-quality and strong speakers, so that the gaming experience is complete.

When manufacturers list gaming laptops, one of the levers they use to convince you to buy their product is to increase the amount of RAM. It’s not hard to find those with “upgraded” configurations ranging from 16GB DDR4 to 32GB.

Although having the right amount of RAM is important for gaming, today’s games usually have a maximum of 16GB of RAM and can sometimes run with as little as 8GB of RAM. Anything more than 16GB (our standard recommendation) is usually a waste of money.

Final word

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Having internet access wherever we are has enabled us to indulge in a good game wherever we are, and since we’re able to choose from a variety of types and sizes, we can also choose to make the gaming experience easy by choosing adequate gear. 14-inch gaming laptops are a great choice not just because of the size, but also because of their weight. Not exceeding 2 kg makes them super comfortable for a backpack.