5 Ways Technology Changing the Way We Work Shop

Technology influences all spheres of our lives. This is no novelty. Things have been like that for at least two decades. Probably much more. But, when it comes to recent developments and all of the tech solutions that came our way in recent years, things changed gravely. One could argue this is not all good, but we beg to differ. Technology makes our lives easier, and better for the most part. Yes, there are exceptions, but that is just how life is.

For one part, the sphere of everyone’s lives that changed due to tech advancements is without doubt shopping. This is noticeable from the smallest store all the way up to the biggest supply chains. The way we work shop has changed dramatically since the beginning of the millennia. The Internet, smartphones, and social media networks all gave their contributions. Thanks to them the way we shop will never be the same. Of course, there were advancements in mobile banking and the inception of cryptocurrencies. All of these things combined created a new landscape which is now our playground. It’s all about adapting or perishing.

Of course, those who are going through most of the changes are those at the bottom of the chain – the customers. Manufacturers and big supply chains have their ways of handling things, adapting to changes, and even bringing the changes forth. The customers on the other hand are never the leaders when it comes to changes. But, they’re first to adapt. It’s how the world works, and it’s not something that’s going to change anytime soon. All that we can do is to learn and be aware of the imminent changes coming our way. That’s why everyone needs to take a look at these five ways technology is changing the way we work shop. Let’s start.

More Choices

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Technology did one thing that nothing else could as fast – globalization. People who shop now can cross the borders without even leaving their living room. Thanks to the global markets now being available in the palm of your hands, one could argue that it’s now easier to shop more and more diversified than ever before. The choices are almost limitless. People are now less loyal due to the fact they have more choices. Customers are on a constant search for new and improved brands, and better prices of course.

Video Shopping

Technology dwelled in many spheres of our lives, but everyone has noticed that what videos did to our culture is unprecedented. Thanks to various models of smartphones these days everyone can make or view a video. Social media platforms such as TikTok created an unsustainable demand for video material. So, it’s no wonder it found its way to the area of shopping. Shopping no longer needs to be done in person. Of course, many of us prefer this way, the old-fashioned one, but for new generations shopping online and even via video call is becoming a norm. What we are talking about is becoming known as live eCommerce. This is a trend that started with various social media influencers and that quickly grew onto other spheres of shopping and retail. Thanks to tech development you can purchase video calls, or you can see a product you want to buy film. It is an ideal way to interact directly with customers without the need for in-person encounters.


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Self-service is upon us for some time now. Have you ever done it by yourself? Shop for anything you need, pay for it, and leave the store without the need for any assistance from the store’s staff? Many big stores already apply this system, Wal-Mart being one of them. This service makes everything smoother. There’s no waiting in line, no waiting for cash, no interaction of any sort. This was something people craved for ages. Of course, many people love doing things the old-fashioned way, and this is not going to change anytime soon. It’s just that self-service is becoming an option for everyone interested. With time more and more sellers’ chins are going to introduce this system. It will be even possible to use coupons such as those at GreenPromoCode.com without a need to interact with any member of the staff. Self-service at its best.

High-End Connection

We’re not only talking only about customers’ and sellers’ connections. We are also talking about the connections between the customers themselves. Today, our entire society is well connected. In the past, this was not the case. Everyone is connected to everyone in this way or another. We’re talking about friends on the same network, people following the same influencers, and customers trending in the same direction due to all of these connections. It was all made possible due to the growth of websites and social media platforms. Thanks to them we are now exposed to various ratings and reviews that create our desires for certain products or make us not want them at the same time. All of us are connected on a certain level that allows us to swim in the same waters as so many before us, making the possibility of a shared opinion on a distant matter possible.

The Disappearing Influence of Advertising

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Advertising is still going strong, don’t get us wrong. But, when compared to the times of the past, it’s not what it used to be. Advertisements still reach people, but they are not inclined to trust them as they used to. These days everyone can check out a product or a service. The best part is that it can be done with a few clicks of the keyboard and a mouse. No one will buy on the first sign of an advertisement nor will they trust it completely. This is a thing of the past. Before buying anything everyone will do short research at least. According to statistics, more than 80% of buyers will do research on a product before buying. At the same time confidence in television ads, magazine ads, and newspaper ads are slowly but steadily dropping. Nothing is the same as it was nor will it ever be.