How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft 2024

Sheild is like a protector that helps in Minecraft games and can use to prevent from the player from the attacker. In this tutorial, I will explain in detail step by step that how to make a shield in Minecraft games. There are many versions in which shield is available. If you are using JAVA Edition then, of course, it will help you to make a shield. On the other hand, in PS3 and PS4 you can’t make a shield because PS4 does not support to create a shield in the game. In this article, we will discuss and explain How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

Which edition Supports a Sheild in Minecraft?

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

Here you can see that there are different platforms on which shield supported or not supported. Therefore we are going to tell about How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

What is the Requirement/Material need to make a Shield in Minecraft? Or How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

There are seven materials that you need in a game for How to Make a Shield in Minecraft. Here is the list of items:

  1. Iron Ingot
  2. Oak Wood Planks
  3. Spruce Wood Planks
  4. Birch Wood Planks
  5. Jungle Wood Planks
  6. Acacia Wood Planks
  7. Dark Oak Wood Planks

These all are not necessary to combine them all and make them a single shield but you can do like join any of these two or three and compile to form a new shield. Above seven materials are necessary if you want to know How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

Open Craft Shield In Survival Mode

There are a few steps that you need to follow. For example, first of all, you have to open the crafting table that is a matrix of 3*3. If you don’t know how to open the crafting table then here is the article that is recommended for you.

Step 1: Open the Crafting Table

First, you will open the crafting Menu then you will see to open the crafting table so that table will the combination of 3*3 blocks.

Step 2: Insert Items in Crafting Table to make a Shield

You can see the grid in the crafting table which is a combination of iron ingot and wood planks.

In the table, you have to add a single Iron ingot and six wood planks in the grid of the 3*3 matrix table. As you know that there are different kinds of wood planks you can use any wood planks depends on your choice. For example, either use oak, acacia, spruce, jungle, dark oak, birch, or other. Using these, you will consider proper ways and explore your self to work on How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

Below is the Image. You have to make sure that Iron ingot and wood planks should place in the same order as it is.

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

As you can see in the above image that in the first row, there is one Iron ingot in the middle or second column and the other is filled with the wood planks. What you have to do now? You will have to fill the crafting area as shown in the image below. In the crafting area, place the wood planks on the right side.

Step 3: How to Move Shield to Inventory

Once the shield has been crafted using the above steps, you may need to move the new item to the below inventory. If you don’t know how to move the shield to inventory, you can see the below image to know about it and make a shield in a Minecraft.

Sheild has been successfully created. its time for customization, there are different options available for customization using different colors.

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

Name, Id, and DataValue of each shield

Each Shield has its own name, id, and data value for example if we take an example of an above shield that we had created. Then, it is easy to say that the above shield has its own name, id, and data value which make them unique from each shield.

There are few commands that you give to Shield.

/give @p shield 1

/give @p shield 1 0

Both Commands are for different editions of shield to make it in Minecraft. Second command is used for 1.9, 1,10, 1,11, 1.12 editions. On the other hand, the first command is used for the 1.13 edition. Therefore, different commands run for different compatibility of the Sheild.

In the Long Run, What have we Concluded?

Again, if you follow the above method then we assure you that you can make shield easily in Minecraft using a few clicks. So we learn How to Make a Shield in Minecraft. If you have any queries about this you can ask in comments for making a shield in Minecraft games. We have has curated a list of the best devices to run such progams/games. Read more at Tech Consumer Guide

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Also, let us know your experience with How to Make a Shield in Minecraft?