Creative and Technological Appliances for your Kitchen – 2024 Guide

When planning a kitchen, keep in mind that good organization is critical to its functionality. The layout of kitchen elements and appliances, as well as the choice of colors and materials, play a significant role in the organization of the kitchen.

Large and small home appliances are the “workers” in your kitchen. Buying them, as a rule, takes about 10% of your total kitchen budget, which is quite small considering how much benefit they bring each day and how long they serve.

Therefore, technology should be treated as an investment and wisely chosen. Get ready for a shopping spree or else you’ll get lost in the huge offer and probably spend too much.

In this article, we will help you to choose large appliances such as stoves and refrigerators, as well as some smart novelties that will facilitate your daily activities…

General Tips

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Anyone who spends enough time in the kitchen is certainly aware of the fact that the sink and the stove must be at an adequate distance from each other. If this is difficult to do due to the nature and size of the space itself, make sure to at least provide the minimum required distance between these elements, which is 40 cm. This will avoid the constant splashing of water on your stove or hob.

The height between the work surface and the wall hanging elements must be in the range of 50-70 cm in order for each of these elements can be easily used.

The best position for the dishwasher is under or next to the sink. This way, you can very easily place the dishes from the sink into the machine without having to move around the room unnecessarily and carry dirty dishes all over the kitchen.

If you decide to have a built-in oven it is important to know that this type of oven is best placed at eye level, for better visibility.

In order to quickly and easily dispose of hot dishes from the stove or the hob, it is necessary to have a minimum of 40 cm of work surface on both sides, or if not possible, then at least at one side. Also, keep an eye on the material. Not all materials handle heat equally well, though most modern countertops are made of durable materials. If you are interested to learn more about this, you can read more here.

At what stage of the kitchen renovation is it best to buy appliances?

Ideally, you need to choose after designing, but before repair begins. Knowing the total capacity, dimensions and future location of all devices, contractors will be able to design the correct electrical installation design. So you will have no problem with the lack of a power source when the walls are already painted and the furniture is in place.


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You often buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish or a piece of meat, but when you put them in the fridge, they lose their original freshness very quickly. One of the main reasons for this is improper food storage. Foods can also become unusable due to odor mixing, so open milk can be thrown away once the garlic that has been standing in the immediate vicinity begins to smell.

You no longer need to read tips on what to leave in the fridge to keep odors from stirring or keeping the meat fresher. The latest generation of smart refrigerators bring numerous innovations and technologies that prevent odor mixing, preserve the freshness of all foods and allow the distribution of foods by type, as well as by the needs of older or younger family members, for easy disposal and pick up.

With these new refrigerator models, you can even create food and beverage storage space your own way. For example, adjustable door baskets help you organize and store items of various sizes, such as bottles and plastic cases, in a flexible way. There are also specific models designed for an outdoor kitchen, and we found some good and durable outdoor refrigerators on this website.


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What is expected soon in the market are an interactive stove that will have a special touch screen that will act as both a heating board and a screen for interactive communication on the web.

The stove, like any other smart device, will be connected to the internet, and thanks to inductive heating technology, users will be able to touch the panel like any touchscreen, even while cooking is in progress. On the board, they will be able to search recipes on the web, communicate with friends via social networks, or do something else.

Even taking pictures while cooking is not a problem, and you will be able to upload pictures to social networks in real time, since there is the possibility of having unlimited internet access from the desktop.


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The new dishwashers are fully customized to your needs thanks to a wide range of features and interiors that are fully adjustable and flexible.

The baskets are equipped with movable elements and are adjustable to make the arrangement of dishes as easy as possible. Every detail is carefully designed to make handling the dishes as easy as possible.

The advanced Total Dry function allows the dishes (especially plastic) to be completely dried after washing. The dishwasher door is automatically opened after completion of the operation to allow excess steam to escape outside and be replaced by fresh air. An excellent solution for quick drying with low energy consumption. To find the best dishwasher for your kitchen, you may visit reviewcircles.

Other appliances

Monitoring meals

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Keeping track of everything that is cooked in the oven or on the stove is a rather tedious process that takes a long time. Special thermometers allow you to move away immediately after placing your food on a heat source. The thermostats intelligently calculate the temperatures of up to two dishes simultaneously, via Bluetooth connection, and output the results on the monitor. This information is sent via the app to your smartphone or notebook, which means you can be anywhere and receive information about the process of preparing your meals.

Smart microwave

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If you are not a chef and do not want to play one in your kitchen, then smart microwave ovens are the dream come true. These fantastic devices come with a built-in camera that takes photos and snapshots of the food you prepare and acts as the best possible method for optimal results. You do not need to set the cooking time, as this microwave does it for you. The key to the success of this device is its second camera, mounted inside it, and allows all users to monitor the preparation process through mobile applications.

Smart kitchen scale

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An interesting device that not only can accurately measure all the ingredients you need, it also has its own application that has a bunch of recipes at your disposal. The application will guide you through the recipe and give you instructions on when to measure and add an ingredient.

Smart trash can with motion sensor

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Smart trash can make everyday use of trash can easier with a motion sensor and even voice control. You will no longer touch the bin with your hands or drop the garbage out of your hand to open the can.


Now that you know how many innovative appliances there are, you can equip your kitchen much better than you originally thought.