Is the Champion’s Cape Worth Getting in OSRS?

Obtaining the Champion’s Cape in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a formidable task that requires dedication and effort. However, it’s important to note that the process of acquiring this highly sought-after cape won’t yield significant OSRS GP, the in-game currency. While you may spend your hard-earned OSRS gold on cannonballs to expedite the process, the primary motivation behind the grind is typically the desire to collect rare items rather than seeking immediate profits or quality-of-life upgrades.

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It’s Not Easy


Even though you should probably postpone getting the Champion’s Cape until you have sufficient account progression and access to methods of obtaining OSRS GP, you will need to spend both time and OSRS gold to obtain the cape without actually adding value besides the completionist checklist to your account.

Getting the Champions’ Cape is a challenging grind as you will have to defeat 11 different champions only after getting their respective champion scrolls dropped at a rate of 1 in 5000 by their respective monsters. Even though many of the monsters are low-level monsters such as imps, goblins, or giants, you will probably spend a lot of time killing each until they drop their respective scrolls.

General Considerations

A generally good strategy to speed things up is using a dwarf multi-cannon whenever possible. It is also best to start hunting the monsters once your combat stats are high enough to make sure you one-shot many of them, and do not waste your cannonballs since the accuracy of your dwarf multi-cannon is strongly related to your accuracy.

It’s also recommended that you own and use good gear, even though it is unnecessary. You should not use gear that uses charges or is degradable such as Karil’s armour set or other Barrows or Crystal equipment, since it will cost you much more.

Killing the Champions


After you get all of your scrolls (but you can do it after getting each one if you’d instead do that), head to the Champions’ Guild and kill each champion. Each of the champions has rules. You’ll need to kill the imp champion without any particular attack, use only magic attacks for the goblin champion, and only range for the skeleton champion. For the zombie, use anything but magic attacks. For the giant champion, only melee attacks, and no melee attacks for the hobgoblin champion.

For the ghoul champion, you’re only allowed a weapon without being able to wear armour equipped or items in your inventory; you can’t use any prayer for the earth warrior champion, no range for the Jogre champion, and nothing equipped for the lesser demon champ, no inventory for the human champion.

Obtaining Champion Scrolls

Even though there are 11 champions you need to defeat to get the champions’ cape, there are only 10 scrolls you can obtain as a mob drop since you will unlock the last of the champions by defeating all the other champions. To be eligible to obtain any champion scroll, you need a minimum of 32 quest points and to be on a members world.

You can get champion scrolls as a scarce drop at a rate of 1 in 5k from imps, goblins, skeletons, zombies, giants, hobgoblins, ghouls, earth warriors, jogres, and lesser demons. While there’s a general strategy for all of them, particular monsters can involve specific strategies to help you speed up the process.

The Easiest Champion Scrolls to Get


Hobgoblin Champion Scroll

There are many hobgoblin spawns around Gielinor. A good location is just North of the Outpost which you can reach with a Necklace of Passage, or on the peninsula east of Hosidius, where the snap grass spawns.

Goblin Champion Scroll

The goblin champion scroll is the easiest to get. This is because goblins are really easy to kill, and there are many spawns close to each other in Lumbridge, so you can take your dwarf multi-cannon and place it there. All you’ll need to do is restock your cannon with cannonballs.

Unlike the imps, where you might make a little profit, with the goblins, you’ll need to spend on cannonballs to kill many goblins fast. Also, remember that starting with the medium tier of the Combat Achievements, your cannon will hold more cannonballs, so you’ll have more extended AFK periods.

Jogre Champion Scrolls

Even though there are other locations, the best one for killing many jogres fast is west of the Karamjan shipyard. You can access it via ship, fairy ring, or gnome glider. You should take a Bonecrusher with you, as the distance between the spawn location and the teleports would considerably slow down your killing speed if you were to collect the bones. However, each set of bones is worth over 1K OSRS GP, so collecting and selling the bones from 5k jogres could bring you over 5 mil OSRS gold profits.