Bitcoin: A Form of Investment That Is Similar to Gambling!

Saving and investing money for old age is undoubtedly a good idea and a good resolution. However, a representative survey shows: One in five 18 to 34-year-olds in the UK thinks buying Bitcoins as a retirement provision makes sense. But are Bitcoins suitable for a long-term investment that is intended to secure your retirement or is it similar to playing at casinos?

Bitcoin has been on everyone’s lips for years. Probably because this form of investment has risen sharply in price in the past – and should therefore be interesting for all investors. You can also check it out on best bitcoin casino games at JUSTUK Club. In addition to Bitcoin, there are currently many other cryptocurrencies. These are usually rather small and unknown values. Around 80 percent of the entire market is dominated by the ten strongest currencies, of which Bitcoin is by far the best known. Their special feature is that they are not monitored and protected by central banks and states, but are calculated and controlled by regulated computing processes via a computer network of crypto users. Since all computers in the network control each other, a Bitcoin cannot be counterfeited.

There is no real haptic equivalent to cryptocurrencies. In addition, it is often not possible to see what they are invested in – it can no longer be ruled out that they are also involved in illegal transactions. Reason enough for some states to think about stronger regulation of these values. Much to the frustration of investors who see the possibility of quick financial profits in some cryptocurrencies. In contrast to other financial products, these speculative objects are subject to strong fluctuations – which enables hefty profits but also high losses. But are they also suitable for a long-term investment that is intended to secure retirement? The three reasons below show why retirement provision should do without Bitcoin.

1. The Lack of Predictability for Returns (Like Non GamStop Casinos’ Games)


With its fluctuations, Bitcoin is lucrative for investors who speculate on an investment and want to realize their profits within days or hours.

These jumps in price, which are similar to non GamStop casinos’ games, are hardly attractive for people who want to invest their money in the medium to long term.

Anyone who saves money for their retirement is usually interested in building up their assets in a planned and structured way. He usually wants to know how high his balance is at a certain time. This is the only way to plan your own retirement over years and decades and to align your finances accordingly.

Bitcoin does not offer its investors this desired level of security. It is therefore impossible to predict today how its course will develop. Of course, further increases in value cannot be ruled out. But it is also possible that the price collapses dramatically.

In addition, it is not clear what will happen to cryptocurrencies in general. Are they being put under pressure by alternative currency models? Are they regulated by the influence of states? Questions that investment objects such as stocks, real estate or raw materials are usually not familiar with.

Reason enough not to entrust your own retirement provision to a speculative object – but to opt for strong values from the real economy.

2. The Lack of Discipline of Many Investors


Another special feature of Bitcoin is that it hardly ever moves consistently in a certain direction.

The price fluctuations already mentioned are due to the fact that the investment model can be bought and sold within seconds.

Conversely, it is often impossible to predict why Bitcoin was purchased or sold in large quantities from one moment to the next. And in fact: there are often no real reasons for this. Rather, trading takes place as investors’ emotions dictate at any given moment. Under such conditions, long-term planning for retirement provision is not possible.

What’s more: Investors also end up in a vortex. It quickly becomes more and more difficult for them to leave the Bitcoin in their depot for a long time. Rather, she is infected by the hustle and bustle on the market. They allow themselves to be guided by the emotions of other investors, get into a frenzy when prices jump – but experience the painful loss of part of their assets the next time they fall. Many investors lack the discipline to leave an action-packed investment model like Bitcoin untouched for many years. However, anyone who lacks the self-control to resist the hustle and bustle of the market is putting their retirement savings at risk with Bitcoin.

3. The Lack of Security for the Future


The reasons mentioned above result in the characterization of an object of speculation whose prospects are by no means certain. Rather, the image that emerges is of a form of investment that is similar to gambling at non GamStop casinos. If things go well, prices will rise for a certain period of time. If things go badly, the value falls or the entire cryptocurrency collapses. Especially since there is still a threat of government regulation of the currency and it is not possible to predict what will happen to investors’ funds if this happens. So the prospects are not good for someone who wants to sweeten their retirement with smart retirement planning.

It is precisely this lack of security that must be the first warning signal to investors. Anyone who carefully plans their financial reserves for old age should not entrust their assets to an investment property that could lead to serious losses tomorrow. There is certainly little to be said against trying your luck a little with a very small portion of your own money and investing in high-risk investments. However, the majority of the available sum must be invested safely and plannable. This is the only way to build up your own assets in the long term so that they are sufficient for a peaceful and financially secure retirement.

Which alternatives can be used? The significant price increases of Bitcoin in recent years are lucrative. However, any form of cryptocurrency is not suitable as an investment. The values of the real economy, on the other hand, offer long-term security. Several thousand companies can be found on the stock exchanges worldwide. Your shares can be purchased. The rising or falling prices that can be observed are essentially not due to the emotions of investors – rather, there are actual reasons for them that can be understood by every investor. The result is a retirement provision that can be planned and therefore offers a high level of security.