Best Sites to Watch Football Highlights if You Missed the Game

Football is the most populous and highly respected sport, and it has crazy fans globally. Nobody wants to miss the highlights as football is beyond the game for them. But missing a live match often happens, and the prime reason behind this is the busy work schedule. Most people are professionals, and it’s quite hard for them to watch sports live; even some of them miss the highlights on TV too.

But this problem can be solved forever as some of the best sites to watch football highlights, the latest news, and various moments are listed below. It will help you to catch the moments of the missed match whenever you want.

Top Sports Sites Focusing On Football Highlights



Youtube is a giant platform where you get a variety of video content, and sports is one of them. Its easy-to-access features provide a lot of information from a single search option. Football is one of those games that are seen cross-border, and YouTubers know well; how to attract the audience.

So, you can find several sports channels that provide football-related content. A few names include Football Daily, F2Freestylers, The Football Republic or TFR, Man City, and UEFA. These youtube channels are popular internationally and contain millions of subscribers. The channel owner frequently uploads instant highlights after the match, and you can access those updates just in a few clicks using your phone or PC.

Football Tips

Football Tips is a good website to watch highlights of the latest match or the ongoing tournament. It contains a huge collection of previous match videos and great moments of football. It also provides the latest highlights and analytics of the upcoming matches so that you can access the savor of the match with the best experience.



Buaksib is the world’s most popular football highlights website that gives satisfying information about the missed matches. The site is available in Thai and English language with an option to select the language you are comfortable in to access the entire website.

In addition, the site offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to catch videos and live matches. You can also watch real-time scores on Buaksib, and football news efficiently.


ESPN is the most prestigious sports news website and an official site of ESPN networks. It presents news articles and video content from several popular sports. Football is their prime choice and provides all the news of various tournaments happening worldwide. You also get instant highlights of football matches that you have missed. Besides, interviews of various sports celebrities and popular events are also available on the site.



If you have missed your favorite match and are regretful about it, don’t worry, as Stream2Watch gives you the instant highlights of the previous matches. You can easily access various football tournaments and their old videos on your phone or any electronic device. Just visit the website, and you will get all the sports-related news and videos in one click.

Additionally, you can watch live matches and track the scores straight through your phone. So, if you are in fear of missing your favorite match as you will get late to reach home, then visit the website and enjoy it.


If you want football highlights on the go, then DailyMotion can be an ideal option, as this site is the best alternative for any platform offering sports highlights. You will be surprised to know that there is less video spam and relevant video content, which is amazing.

Fortunately, if you are looking for the old matches that were played years ago, you will find DailyMotion the most reliable source because distinctly, it gives an accurate search return.



Though it has a European name, you can find the videos of every major football tournament happening worldwide. It also contains Chinese football matches as well with highlights.

EuroRivals is one of the best sports websites where you can access instant football highlights and videos of old matches that were organized several years back.

Additionally, EuroRivals also displays the real-time score and sports odds for the interested audience.


Hoofoot is a popular website covering all the major league matches from across the world. And if you miss any matches, you can get the latest highlights of the ongoing tournament within a few hours after the match finishes.

In addition, Hoofoot contains a huge global football community where you can interact with your favorite player. So, visit the website and get high-quality videos and old matches highlights under one platform.



If you are looking for the best quality video highlights of football matches, you can visit GoalsArena. It contains all the videos of major international tournaments and uploads instant highlights. Apart from that, you can also find live scores and the best moments footage of live matches within no time.

If you don’t want to miss any matches of your favorite tournament, then you can visit the website for the videos with HD quality. And also, watch videos of some classic old matches that are already uploaded to the website, and the library is consistently upgraded with the new videos.


TimeSoccer is a perfect place to grab the latest highlights of the ongoing matches. It covers some big tournaments like FIFA and UEFA and contains a ranking table of several major leagues. It has also gained a huge user base with almost 11,000 followers on its Facebook page.

Its interactive, lively, and user-friendly interface allows you to access all the football-related videos and news in a single search within a second.

Final Verdict

There are thousands of intercontinental sports website that covers update in video and text forms. And here, we have mentioned such sports websites that are reliable in delivering the best video quality football highlights within a few minutes to hours after the match begins. If you want to get all the minute details of your favorite games, it is worth bookmarking the shared list of the best sites to watch football highlights if you missed the game.